Blackbrook Zoological Park Facilities and Accessibility

Blackbrook Zoological Park hosts some truly wonderful sights and inhabitants and is designed to provide authentic experience of wilderness environment from various parts of the world. Its impressive collection of birds, small and bigger mammals, penguins, rodents and other rare species will amaze you altogether with breathtaking elegantly landscaped areas. However, all of these beauties wouldn’t be as enjoyable and pleasant if there wasn’t for great organization, practical facilities and high levels of accessibility provided in this zoo. After spending a day here, you will see happy, satisfied and well-treated animals and realize how much Zoo stuff cares about them on a daily basis. Likewise, after spotting some services at this zoo, you will realize that Blackbrook Zoo cares about its visitors  and their impression as much.

Comfortable transport and moving around

moving-aroundSince Blackbrook Zoo covers significant area and includes kilometers of paths and accessory roads, you will be happy to know that you will always find a free parking lot here and security people looking after it while you wander around. Recently, Zoo provided rent-a-bike service with special discount for families of four. You can take a tour down the most popular Zoo paths riding a rented bike with your friends or family and the price is fixed regardless of the total length of riding.

Complete touristic comfort

touristicBlackbrook Zoo was created over thirty years ago and back then it was mostly a small tour organized in scientific and educational purposes for interested and biology-oriented people. Nowadays, Blackbrook Zoo hosts spacious picnic area, wide areas covered with diverse greenery and miniature, artificial lakes, designed for tourists who want to spend the whole day here. There’s a service renting tents and other camping equipment if you decide to stay overnight, although this requires permissions, guidance and it’s time limited. While staying here for hours, you may visit one of several food caffes and enjoy healthy, delicious food, often with some specialties from distant regions at menu. Cakes and pizzas are, also, delicious, but carrying food from restaurants around is forbidden.

Collect memories

No doubt you will never forget the days spent in this marvelous place, but if you would like a material souvenir, pay a visit to fun shops and take a picture at several creative places designed for that. All the animals are secured carefully, so no tourists will get in danger when trying to take a photo of an animal. It should be mentioned that taking your pets with you is not allowed, in order to avoid conflicts among animals or endangering other visitors. However, Zoo provides facility to take care of your pets while you wander around.

High level of accessibility in Zoo

If you have a newborn requiring special care, Zoo provides safe and quiet zones where you can breastfeed or change the clothes to your baby. If you are in a wheelchair and require special care, you will find plenty of commodities designed to make you comfortable here. Finally, mobile toilets are scattered across the Zoo, thus no need to worry about this inconvenience.