Zoo Guide

Blackbrook Zoological Park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm every day. With all the attractions it offers, be sure every moment you spend here will be filled with an interesting, educative and entertaining content. This cozy zoo is perfect for casual family trips and picnics with your kids. A lot of fun is guaranteed for quite affordable prices. Generally, there are two options. You are free to wander through the park on your own and pay visit to the parts you particularly interested in or you may follow the touristic route navigated by experienced guide. Regular touristic route includes experts’ lectures and explanations regarding various sights within the zoo. If you choose guided walk, you will get the chance to feed animals regularly, even come close enough to some of them to stay for a while and play.

Area with lemurs and wallabies

lemursCertainly one of the greatest attractions of this zoo park is the area where lemurs and wallabies are inhabited. Ring-tailed and ruffed lemurs are endangered rare species, carefully taken care of in this park, since there are only a few left worldwide. These lovely creatures wander around freely in this spacious area imitating their natural habitat. They jump on and off the trees, climb the ropes, leap and eat fruits and vegetables. They are rather friendly and curious, therefor kids truly enjoy this part of the park.


Penguin exhibit

Another highly popular attraction, added to this park only few years ago, includes exhibit of several rare penguin species. Penguins are settled in multi-level area where you get to observe them from the above, playing in their pool, but you can also go to the underwater premise and enjoy stunning view onto these lovely creatures through the window panes.

Walk through the African village

Blackbrook park hosts several merged sandy areas where African village exhibit is placed with various species originating from this region. This area is probably the mere essence of the wilderness in this park and visitors are particularly amazed by meerkats and Patagonian Mara seen in this part of the park. This are has more classic fenced sections, but there are sessions when visitors are allowed to approach closer to the animals.

Through the oasis of birds

birdsIf visiting Blackbrook Zoo, you have to spend some time wandering through its oldest section – spacious region inhabited with hundreds of rare birds. This is exquisite experience with all these colorful creatures freely flying above your head. Flock of flamingos is often seen in this area as the blurred pinkish sight near the artificial lakes.


Indoor playing zone

If it happens that bad weather interferes with your trip or your children simply get slightly tired of walking, Zoo provides cozy and interesting indoor playing zone. Here you can grab a meal or coffee, purchase souvenirs, take photos and let your kids play with animators at the indoor playground. Parking spot is provided for all visitors and it guarantees the safety of your car, so you can rest assured and enjoy your trip.