History of Blackbrook Zoological Park

HistoryBack in 1991. Diana Holloway, a passionate lover of wildlife and expert in biological species, founded Blackbrook Zoological Park. At first, it was designed to as oasis for several hundred of rare birds and it worked on its own. Over the years, the Park expanded and gained popularity, thus the owner decided to enrich its collection of inhabitants. Additional land was granted from government and Holloway added penguin exhibit to the Zoo, as well as the first species of rodents and mammals. Her son joined her in this business and the Blackbrook Park soon became attractive touristic destination and a place for regular family trips. Nowadays, this place hosts over 300 of diverse species, café with the restaurant, picnic areas, wide paths with organized, guided rides and the souvenir gift shops. All the additional facilities and commodities are organized as well, so the visitors could truly enjoy this reservoir of rare biological species.