Top 5 Attractions at Blackbrook Zoological Park

Blackbrook Zoological Park is a true attraction counting thousands of visitations by tourists from all around the world annually. This beautiful, exotic, extraordinary place will provide you with an authentic sense of nature and natural environment at several specific regions. It will also give you the exquisite opportunity to get close to some extremely rare biological species, see them in their natural performance and behavior and learn a lot about various wonders of wilderness. The Zoo is a home for several hundreds of endangered and rare species of birds and animals and it encapsulates some marvelous landscapes, gardenings and exhibition areas. Whether you decide to come here for and intimate trip or for a joyful weekend with your family, there are plenty of amazing things to see.

Face to face with lemurs

Blackbrook Zoo hosts rich collection of small mammals, some of which are extremely hard to see outside the artificial reservoirs. Here you will come across meerkats, several exotic monkey species, warty pigs, wallabies and particularly attractive – lemurs. The Zoo has created areas imitating natural environment of Madagascar and populated it with species characteristic for this region. There is a so-called “Lemur Heights” touristic tour that will take you through this area and enable you to experience some of the most beautiful aspects of Madagascar. Two particularly popular inhabitants in this part of the Zoo are Black and White Ruffed lemurs. You will catch them climbing trees, eating fruits, playing and making those astonishing sounds. Truly amazing sight.

Walkthrough with penguins

alkthrough-with-penguinsAnother attraction that this Zoo is famous for is its enclosure with rare penguin species. Colony of Humboldt penguins are populated at the area where you can see them from under the water or while they take their walks at the ground. Underwater area with breathtaking views is especially popular among tourists due to its spectacular views and the chance to get the closes to penguins you have probably ever been.

South American Walkthrough

Walking through this theme-landscaped area will take you to the atmosphere of South America’s wilderness and you’ll get the privilege to meet Patagonian Mara. Patagonian Mara is world’s fourth largest rodent populated in this part of the zoo. This cute creature will delight you after just a few jumps and eye contacts.

African Village Walkthrough

African-Village-WalkthroughAnother landscaped touristic tour imitates environment in Namibia encountering you with some species characteristic for this region. This includes Pygmy Goats, meerkats, bigger mammals only seen in this region and some exotic types of chickens, such as Polish chicken.

Paradise for birds

Finally, the must – see part of this Zoo is spacious beautiful fields where over one hundred of different birds are settled. If you see endless pink area, you’ve came across the flock of flamingos. Nearby you’ll see spoonbills and scarlet ibises. Hummingbirds are pretty much everywhere decorating this amazing sight. As a specialty, this part of the Zoo hosts several rare types of eagles found only at few places worldwide.