Dustin KeyWith the progress of modern civilization, we’ve made some radical changes in environment surrounding us and created some bad consequences due to human interfering with natural course. Extinction of many species out there is one of the most severe consequences. Disturbing the natural environment and life conditions of many animals is another. Man tries to compensate by creating reservoirs and parks that would imitate natural conditions and provide various rare animal species adequate life conditions. Unfortunately, these activities require a lot of money and care provided by dedicated experts. Fortunately, there are people willing to commit, as well as people willing to help these activities financially. Blackbrook Zoological Park is a good and famous example.

Blackbrook Zoological Park is a Registered Charity, and is constantly looking out for supporters with charity events, donations, volunteers and any other avenue to raise funds to care for these beautiful species here on the park. We are currently raising funds for a new play park, but are way off yet as we need over £12,000! Any donations can be sent to Blackbrook, and donations can also be made over the phone, thank you in advance for your kind support.

Opened in 1991, Blackbrook Zoological Park is the largest bird park in the UK. Set in over 30 acres of Staffordshire countryside, with stunning views from every angle, the park is a haven for over 300 species of birds and animals. The vast collection at Blackbrook attracts visitors every year from all over the world to view the many species and the beautifully landscaped areas that have been lovingly created.The park has grown immensely in recent years and boasts many large and modern exhibits. New areas include the very colorful pink aviary with its collection of flamingos, spoonbills and scarlet ibises. Another new exhibit is the indoor free flight aviary where visitors can enjoy many species flying above their heads.

Also, at Blackbrook is one of the finest penguin enclosures in Europe with its underwater viewing cave and raised walkways. Blackbrook is home to many small mammals including meerkats, lemurs, tamarind monkeys, Visayan warty pigs, wallabies and giant tortoises, and some larger mammals, such as the Damara zebra, Sitatunga, Nilgai, and blackbuck antelope.

With the help of some donated m2m sim cards we have managed to automize our processes even more. This helps reduce the amount of staff needed and the ones we have can work more efficiently. 

Conservation is extremely important at Blackbrook and the team are very proud of their achievements in breeding some of the rarest birds on the planet. Recent successes include the first UK breeding of the marabou stork and boat billed herons. Other successes include the breeding of the rare secretary bird and American white ibis.

We hope that you like what you have read about us and very much look forward to welcoming you at the park.